Fear of Networking

Acquire, Convert and Nurture your customers to build a...

August 10, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 198 Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Tracking, Customer Service, Internet Marketing, Networking, Sales

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Not everyone works in the online advertising world so Affiliate Marketing can be a term you wouldn’t necessarily hear everyday.

Affiliate Marketing is a way to get other companies to endorse your brand or product and in doing so you reward them with a commission when a sale is made from their site.

How it works
You have a great product or offer >> promote it on a blog, coupon site, reward site or loyalty program >> shopper clicks on the link or banner >> the link or banner is tracked with a unique ID >> for every purchase made you in turn pay a commission. This is usually on a rev share percentage but can also be a CPA {Cost per Action}, CPC {Cost per Click} or fixed Rate.

Affiliate Marketing is fun, always changing and a great way to make money. I’m amazed by the number of companies who don’t invest in an affiliate marketing program. To me this is money left on the table.

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