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Learning the lingo for affiliate marketing

August 10, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 183 Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Tracking, Internet Marketing

Tracking Pixel Problems

Why does every single publisher need their own tracking? Since when does two forms of tracking (a 3rd party network and our in-house tracking) seem to not be enough?

Is this an industry standard? I feel like every contact I make or every new opportunity I explore involves placing a tracking pixel on our site. While adding a tracking pixel may be a simple task to most developers when you work for a company this is a big time job. The work or development time is not huge but adding multiple tracking pixels to a website can cause serious issues. What are the issues you say? Site load time is one of the main concerns. When someone is visiting a  site for the first time or the fiftieth you don’t want them waiting three minutes for the home page to load. This can happen if you are placing a ton of tracking pixels on your site because your sever has to make a call for each one.  The second big issue is something breaking and your site going down or heaven forbid the cart not working. When you place any code on your site there is always a chance that something could break. Mitigating this risk is key when picking and choosing who/what tracking pixels you place on your site.

Be weary of some types of Javascript and use a img tag if possible. If the vendor only wants the code on the order confirmation page this is preferred and definitely less risk. is integrating with Cake Marketing a pixel management tool as a solution to not adding a ton of pixels to our site. Their technology allows us to piggyback on one global pixel. This way we place one pixel and that’s it. I will let you know how it’s going in a couple weeks.

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