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Performance Marketing Summit Recap

It’s been a busy week in NYC!

I look forward (and thankful that I work for such a great company that allows this) to the opportunities when I get out of the office to learn and network but its always hard jumping back into the daily work routine.  On Monday I attended the first ever Performance Marketing Summit at Baruch College. This was a smaller event then some of the other affiliate conferences or symposiums but it was a good change of scenery. The agenda was jam packed with valuable industry related sessions and keynote speakers. I really enjoyed the whole vibe of the summit. There was not a million people trying to network or sell you on the next big tech thing, it was to the point 18 min educational sessions all on topics that concerned affiliate marketing. I learned a lot and meet some really great people. I even stepped out of my comfort zone and introduced myself, shared what I do and what I wanted to accomplish in front of the 400 eyeballs in the room.

My big takeaways from the summit where Mobile is Huge, Attribution is something to get friendly with and Marketing Teams should become omni-channel for the greater good. In a nutshell those where a couple of topics that really resonated with me personally. If you couldn’t make it but would love to learn more on the topics discussed here is the full presentation.

I did get the opportunity to meet Shawn Collins, the celebrity of affiliate marketing, and I’m hoping to start up a Nashville Affiliate Summit chapter! This is one big goal of mine as I’ve mentioned to network with seasoned affiliate marketers and to grow in this space.

The Event wrapped up at a really cool bar in the city called Rodeo Bar — had a Nashville feel so I felt right at home.

Summary: Great event would definitely recommend it to others in the future.

Want to check out photos of the event, Shawn did a great job capturing the moment.

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