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August 10, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 212 Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing

Learning the lingo for affiliate marketing

I was on a call today discussing a new opportunity when the energetic account manager dropped an industry related acronym I had never heard before. I nicely interrupted her and asked “what does that stand for?” and she nicely explained. Just to note it was IVE – Interactive Visualization Environment. I feel like this happens a lot in the affiliate space. Most affiliate managers work with a number of reward, loyalty, digital, online, make me money vendors who all have their own lingo which make conversations hard to follow.

New to the space? Time is money and were all trying to make more so most affiliate marketers often use acronyms and abbreviations to make life easier. I had a hard time in the beginning keeping up with the terms. I found myself saying “oh yeah” or nodding along in a conversation and immediately following would search the trusty ole’ Google for the definitions. What I found very useful to my role was making sure to ask questions if there was something I did not know and spelling things out until I memorized the definition. Here are the terms I’ve found that pop up the most in conversation.

RevShare – The percentage of commission you want to pay out.

CPA – Cost per Action. This is based on an agreeable conversion.

CPC – Cost per Click. This can add up!

CPM – Cost per Impression. I never use this but it comes up.

CPL – Cost Per Lead – Again, I hardly payout on this method but Ive heard it.

EPC and EPM – Earns per 100 or Earnings per 1000.

CR – Conversion rate. Quick math how to calculate: Orders/clicks=conversion

COOKIE – How a computer/server remembers a customer and their actions. This is like a shadow to the customers shopping experience it can personalize their experience and track usage. This is a small text file used to track the customers experience.

Interstitial– This is better know as a pop up or page that displays before another landing page.

Tracking Pixel – this comes up A LOT! This is used to track conversion, normally one small piece of code snippet in the form of Java Script, Iframe or image. Everyone wants their own so I recommend having a technology in place that can track all of the pixels in one place. uses CAKE Marketing.

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