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How to Make money using Pinterest

I can waste a day browsing Pinterest, it really is my go-to source for all things. If I want a dress for a wedding, a gift for Fathers day or a recipe for dinner I go to Pinterest first. So, I’m going to assume the majority of the world is doing the same. This also leaves me to assume e-commerce companies and individuals can make money by being here.  This is another outlet to showcase “this is what we offer/sell and who we are.”

Bottom line if you have something to offer you need to be on Pinterest.

First rule, this is not a Click here, buy now type of outlet. The customers needs to see value in what you are pinning not a cute promotional banner announcing 90% off.  Create boards that showcase who you are and your core values. Know your customers interests and problems. Create boards for your audience rather than your promotional offers. Think of the boards as a resource to solve a problem.

Second rule, if you are a company using Pinterest make sure the content you display has a link! The worst practice to follow is putting something up and having a dead link. Provide the customer with valuable information related to their interest. This way if a customer is looking for a dress for a wedding and finds the perfect one, they can click and buy it along with the accessories. I have found this is the number one problem on Pinterest and it can turn leave a negative impression on the shopper. They want your product so make sure they can get it. The same goes for a recipe, give the shopper a coupon to the grocery store or insight on where to get hard to find products. Overall this is boils down to providing a good customer experience which makes your brand trustworthy and valuable.

Another thought, as an everyday pinner you can make money by adding affiliate links into your pins. If you are interested in Fashion you can pin the latest People magazine cover from and get paid if someone orders a subscription. Be smart and make money.

If you have an online presence and use Pinterest make sure your customers know. Like other popular social media outlets include a button on your site and the capability to pin something of interest. Also, make sure you profile is complete and up to date. Want to see what I’ve been pinning? I love pinterest!

New companies like Pinbooster have figured out how to make this social outlet work in the e-commerce world with sponsored content. This is something you might want to look into further if you want an expert on your side.

Go Pin something!

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