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August 10, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 243 Affiliate Marketing, Customer Service, Networking, Sales

Become a cheerleader so everyone wants to be on your team!

This is my motto: Become a Cheerleader so everyone wants to be on your team!

Cheer leading

I try to stay positive and embrace my daily responsibilities with a smile. I recognize the fact that affiliate marketing is built on relationships and good offers. One part of this equation I can’t necessarily change but one I can. Relationships are key in the affiliate space and there are a number of ways to keep your brand top of mind.

When you have a great offer over communicate it everywhere you can. Now, I didn’t say SPAM people just make sure they are receiving your offer in a preferred way. My goal is to help earn commissions and optimize publisher sites. I know my day-to-day contacts are busy so I try to reach them the way that works best for them. Some publishers prefer newsletters, email, phone call or even text messages. Ask them what they prefer and they will tell you!

When running an affiliate program you need the publishers as much as they need you, try not to forget that. So be mindful of what works and what doesn’t for a particular publisher. Set-up regular brainstorming or status calls to see how you can build your partnership. They might just have an open spot in a newsletter or new promotion they want to test. Try to understand their side of the business and what works.

Go on a limb and ask your publishers for feedback on how you are doing. This might be a shock to your ego or maybe a pat on the back but it lets them provide open feedback on  you and your program. Unless you get real feedback you can’t ever really grow or learn. I suggest setting up a survey they can take anonymously. This is something I plan on doing after Q1 wraps up. There are plenty of free options like Survey Monkey.

Give your publishers what they need to succeed! Set your self apart from your competition by providing things like links, creative, tracking pixels… the list could go on. Make is simple and easy. Grab and GO!

Lastly, remain awesome. Become a cheerleader!

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