What is Affiliate Marketing?

Always looking to improve my affiliate marketing program

August 10, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 174 Affiliate Marketing, Customer Service

Acquire, Convert and Nurture your customers to build a successful affiliate program

Having trouble finding the right publishers for your brand? Ask your self are you taking the necessary steps to Acquire, Convert and Nurture?

Getting publishers is the easy part however, quantity is not quality. Start off by identifying “partners” not just publishers who will represent your brand in the same manner you would. Ask the hard questions, “how do they acquire new customers” “how much have they grown each year” “will I have a dedicated account manager” “if there is a miss-print on the site how long to make changes” “can we set-up regular call to review results”… All of these questions are necessary to establish a mutually beneficial partnership in affiliate marketing.

Once you have established a relationship provide the publisher with the necessary tools to succeed to build the affiliate program. Again, this is a partnership so don’t expect them to do all the work. I have found that personal emails with the latest offers, regular communication and offering an array of creative assets for convenience works for me. I like to stay in touch so a quick phone call never hurts just to stay top of mind — don’t be afraid to pick up the phone! I understand email is easier, but sometimes your cheery voice doesn’t come across in an email.  Best advice I ever received in affiliate marketing “over communicate!” People are busy if you have a great offer let everyone in the online marketing world know.

Lastly, once your relationships are build and you are converting on top sites, do your homework and find out what is working for each publisher. From here you can tailor your offers to the individual partner and nurture the account in the right direction.  Once you start making business decisions based on revenue driving indicators the sky is the limit. You get smarter, your publishers make more money and everyone is happy in the “partnership.” Affiliate marketing is a win-win and that is why everyone plays the game but working with others who want to win just as much as you makes the difference.

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