Hi I’m Maggie Sterling! I’m new to the affiliate world but embracing the impact of the affiliate possibilities just the same. Tennessee native, wife, cool mom, marketing maven and Leo by birth.
This site was born out of necessity to learn more about the affiliate industry. I want to share my journey as I learn how to grow an established affiliate program at The affiliate space is always changing so I will share industry news, actionable strategies and best practices. What you won’t find here is how to get rich being a stay at home mommy. I’m a working mommy who works within the affiliate industry.
I thrive in a connected world – online and social. Luckily, I get to work in an environment that values all things online as well. I embrace the day to day challenges optimizing promotional opportunities and advancing the online brand.   Let’s face it as marketers we must be equipped to react quickly to, and participate meaningfully with, the changing wants, needs and behaviors of consumers. This is one reason I am passionate about reaching people the new-fashioned way.

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