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5 Reasons why to allow Deeplinking in the affiliate space

What is deep linking? In my eyes its a quick link to an internal landing page on a website, any page other  than the home page. This is a targeted landing page consistent with a promotion or offer.

Why are deep links popular and why should they be used?

Here are 5 quick, quality reasons to allow Deep linking:

1. Increase conversion and revenue
This is the ultimate goal right? So this in its self, would seem like an obvious reason to allow and use deep linking. Since deep links help get the customer where they intended to go faster this helps speed up the buying process. The customer sees an offer, knows what they want or browses the items available rather than searching throughout the site and forgetting why they are there in the first place.

2. Provides Value to Targeted Audience
Deep linking allows the shopper to get what they are looking for. This is turn helps build value for your URLs and brand.

3. Boosts SEO efforts
Deep linking helps build rich content and valuable information. The content is more relevant and targeted to the search efforts. Since the URL is more targeted the content is more valuable and invites more clicks. You can see a trend here.

4. Brings new life to old content
With deep linking  you can refer back to older content that was relative. The archived content on your site can have a new like and this also helps build your quality score.

5. Builds Trust
With everyone shopping online these days especially on mobile devices shoppers want to find exactly what they were shown in a promotion quickly. Shoppers don’t want peck and search for a great offer. If you are pointing the shopper to exactly what you are offering then they are happy, and this helps build trust in  your brand and future purchases happen.

Have any benefits to add? or negative impacts of a deep link?

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